Training Day!


Thor Kain and I are organizing a training day at Tom’s grounds on Saturday June 28th. We will start around 9:00 am. We are opening this up to all of his past bird dog customers and friends.

I am expecting a large turn out so please email to confirm if you are attending. This will help us plan the day.

Jane is providing lunch as always and is looking forward to the day.

This will be informal (just how Tom liked it!). We will supply plenty of quail and plan to run dogs based on age group/skill level. Basically we’ll have a course with a bunch of birds on it and run young dogs then older dogs.

Get in touch with me if anyone has any questions. Otherwise, please RSVP to me via email.


If anyone has any stories they’d like to share about Tom, they’ll get posted up here. Just write it up in the comments section of this post and it’ll get copied into a post of its own here on his blog.

Services for Tom


Funeral services will be held Wednesday, May 28 at 3 p.m. at the McMichael Funeral Home, 4394 Red Rock Road, Benton.  Burial will be in the Creveling Cemetery.  A viewing will be held Tuesday from 6-8 at McMichael’s in Benton.  The family will provide flowers.

One of Tom’s wishes was that we continue to train together.  Contributions in his memory may be made to:

Tom Gingher Memorial Training Day Fund, c/o Jane Gingher, 3418 Old Berwick Road, Bloomsburg, PA 17815

The donations will be used to buy birds, food for cook outs, etc.  I’ll let everyone know when we are planning the first training day.

If anyone has any questions please give me a call.





update on Tom

As some of you know, Tom is dealing with some serious health issues.  At this time the dog training business is closed.  
Tom needs to rest and although he appreciates all of the calls he has received I am asking that you do not call Tom at this time.  He is simply spending too much time answering his phone when he really needs to be resting.
It is very important to Tom that the group of “bird dog folks” that have been mentored by him stick together.  I am fortunate to be taking over use of his training grounds and look forward to hosting future training days at “the farm”.  Since I do not have everyone’s contact information, please send me an email at the address below.  This way I can contact everyone when we are planning a get together.
Please keep Tom, Jane, and his family in your prayers.
Mike Spotts


A Couple of Monday PIcs

Somehow the camera keeps getting lost in the shuffle.  Either we forget it or the battery is down.  Sometime we have it but leave it the truck when we run the dogs.  That is kind of what happened today.

Anyway, here are a couple of pics from the end of today.3 31 14 002 blog

Chase showing his nose and pointing from way back  And then getting put back in the truck.3 31 14 004 blog

And back home with Waffles doing a little whoa post work

3 31 14 001 blog


Finally talked to a real person that works for Verizon.  It was the tech that after 2 months, finally came and fixed the phone lines out on the pole.  I hope he is right because if it happens again I will first call them and then the PUC.  I truly think that it is ridiculous that it took 2 months to get them to send  someone to fix something.

If anyone has emailed me or phoned me and has not heard back please  contact me again.  As far as I know I am caught up on all the stuff that has come in throughout all the trouble.

So, again, if you tried to contact me and have not heard back please try again.

Thank you, Tom

Another Verizon Complaint

For another rainy day we have been without phone and internet for over a day.  I want to tell my friends and customers that I am sorry.  Verizon makes it difficult to even make a complaint about the poor service.  We have always reported the phone out and they always tell you that it will 2 to 4 days.  Its always just about 24 hrs.

If anyone calls my phone number and the phone goes straight to voicemail with Jane’s greeting you might want to try the second time.  However, if its raining it most likely means that I have no phone again .  If I don’t reply to an email by at least that evening or at the latest the next morning again you will know that Verizon is not delivering service.

I’m sorry but beyond Jane perservering and finally notifying Verizon that it always happens on rainy days I don’t know what else we can do.  Verizon has no competition in this area.

Some of this week’s dog work.

We had a fairly busy week here at Knob Mtn Kennel this past week.  I couldn’t post the daily results since my internet service has been real slow and intermittent.  I am having a real hard time trying to even find a real person at Verizon to complain to.

Anyway, the internet has little to do with the actual working of the dogs.  That got done.  Lilly has been busting birds and not holding point.  We are whoa training her to where it is getting boring.  Next week she will get some birds put with the whoa.3 21 14 002 blog

Here is
Amanda hurrying to get to one of Chase’s classy points.

3 21 14 005 blog

Buck, as usual, pointing so far back that we can’t get the handler flushing and the dog in the picture at the same time

3 21 14 007 blog

Rick Ober came up today for some last minute trial advice for his Hannah.  Rick and Hannah are going to their first field trail on Saturday.  Rick is shown giving me a hand with Duncan.

3 21 14 010 blog

We have been working at steadying Duncan.  Its starting to have some success.

3 21 14 011 blog

Duncan has also been introduced to my method of e collar training and this is going well also.  When I look at this photo, I wonder if my friend Bob Watts, was in error when he sold Duncan.,  Dunc is one classy dog.


A Great Day!

Its great to be back at work.  Saturday some dogs came to stay and some came for an evaluation.  The same today on Monday.  I looked at a setter that really looked nice today.

Later on I checked out a woodcock cover and found 7 birds.  Reilly handled them all.  His first find had 4 birds get up one at a time in front of him. He did go a few feet at the shot.  I guess he remembered getting  away with that back in November.  Anyway, after that slight miscue he got on the wrong side of the air and a bird got up and he skidded into a stop to flush.  He stayed at the shot.  The last bird was difficult for me to get to  but I finally did and again all was in order at the shot.

The nice people here and then the good dog work on woodcock made me feel that spring is really here now.  It was a great day!  Now all I have to do is to remember the camera t omorrow.